Saturday, August 29, 2009

Charlie's Birthday 8/29/09

Happy 23rd Birthday Charlie----My Brother

Wow I'm posting

So I started watching George Romero's films. All of the ZOMBIES them. Joe said I would really like the Diary fo the Dead, but I kinda dont care for it that much because it reminds me of the Blair witch project. The camera is always moving. It makes you sick....My favorite Zombie movie of George's (so far) is "Land of the Dead."

Wednesday Night------ It was raining so hard and all night. There was a long, but very skinny snake in our house by the front door. Guess how in got in??? The tiny whole that is between the door and its post.....We need to fix this because was my worst nightmare...I hate snakes...

Just to let very one know, i hardly check my grammar and spelling...haha