Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family & My MOM's Birthday 5-19-10

Well, today was a very hard day. 5-19-10 is my mom's birthday today. She had to admit her father to the hospital because his cancer is taking over his whole body. I fell bad. She is the only one that takes on so much for her family. I wish she didn't have to take care of all her family problems.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much! Muah.....

As for my grandfather, he is like a littlw old man right now. He cannot remember much. I think the cancer has gotten to his brain.

Wish me luck for the days to come!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Annoying Red Cardinal Meets Alley the Cat!

This is the video I made a few weekends ago. At first the whole picture was funny, but now the bird is flying into 9 windows of my house. We have window tinting on the house, so when it is bird nesting season, the bird fly's into the windows--equals trouble. It has now been one whole month of the red cardinal attacking our house. Here's a short video of Alley the Cat vs. The Red Cardinal!