Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year 2010

I just wanted to say Happy New Year's to everyone! Bring in a Healthy 2011 year!

A lot has happen in 2010. On Jan 30 2010 I was pretty sick from an allergic reaction to an antibotic which was, "Sulfur." Joey had told me back in Dec 2009 that he wanted to take me someone and that it was a surprise. I said OK. Well it's Jan 30th (Saturday) and I had a high fever etc.
January 31, 2010 I went to the surprise even though I was still sick and the temperature was very cold outside. We were driving on 27 south for about 2 hours. As we were getting closer to our destination I saw the bulletin boards for the Boh Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. I informed Joe, "Are we going there?" He said yes but he was a little upset because I found out that we were going there. Anyways, while I was in his truck and he was driving he looked over at me and saw that I was wearing the ring that he found at Disney. It was a gold ring with a blue stud in the middle and I was wearing it on my wedding finger. He just chuckled at me and I said, "What you got me this ring (found it) and I'm wearing it." He just laughed. Later at the Boh Tower come to found out Joey had proposed under the Bamboo at the tower place. I was totally surprised and he had got me the the ring that I had really wanted.
I told Joe, "Yes"
On May 31st 2010 my grandfather Robert Mundy passed away. What an awful time this was.
On July 1st 2010 my sister Stephanie gave birth to baby; MaryJane at Winnie Palmer Hospital.
October 31, 2010 Joe and I got married at the Town Manor in Auburndale, Florida. It was truly a dream wedding.

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